What Can You Learn From Your Neighbor’s Home Selling in San Diego, CA?

Your neighbor’s home selling in San Diego, CA can teach you quite a bit about your future sale.

Seeing a big “Sold” sign out front of your neighbor’s house could spike a bit of jealousy, particularly if you’ve been thinking of selling your home. Actually, though, that sign should make you happy! Your neighbor’s recent sale can teach you a lot about your own home selling in San Diego, CA. Here are just a few examples.

  1. It can inform your timeline. Did the home sell in just a few days? Did it spend months on the market? Pay attention to how long your neighbor had the “For Sale” sign out front and you’ll be able to get a better idea of how long it might take your house to sell. Plus, if the sale was quick it probably means buyer interest is high in your area, meaning now is the time to sell!
  2. It can help you choose a price. Was your neighbor’s home similar to yours? If so, you can use it as a starting point when trying to pick a list price for your house. Even if it wasn’t very much like your house, it can still help you know what has the potential to sell in your neighborhood.
  3. It can help you figure out where to focus. If you can, attend your neighbor’s open house and pay attention to what’s wowing potential buyers. If people are loving your neighbor’s yard, for example, it might be worth touching up your own outdoor areas.

Your neighbors shouldn’t be the only ones with the “Sold” sign out front! Get the inside scoop on home selling in San Diego, CA by contacting Hervieux Real Estate. We offer home selling seminars geared towards helping sellers make sure they don’t leave a single penny on the table. Call us today to sign up for our next workshop!