Home Selling Tips: Get Great Photos for a Great Sale

Great photos aren’t just nice to have. One of the most important home selling tips is to get solid pictures.

We’ve already talked a bit about staging your home for a photo shoot, but just because we gave you tips doesn’t mean you know why to use them. In fact, we meet a surprising number of people who think that the photos they take of their home don’t really matter. Unfortunately for them, that’s very far from the truth. Here are a few reasons why one of the best home selling tips out there is simple: get great photos if you want a great sale!

In the old days of real estate, people got a first taste of a potential home by doing a drive by or attending an open house. Today, they don’t even have to go to the trouble of heading to your neighborhood. Thanks to digital listings, your buyer is going to get their first impression from what you put online.

If you don’t have good photos, there’s nothing to motivate the buyer to check out your property. Even with a fantastic property description and competitive price, your home needs to compete with others on the market. And odds are high for those who have good photos.

High-resolution photos with good lighting is the modern day equivalent of curb appeal. Sellers used to amp up their front yards to impress buyers enough to get them to come to their open house. Today, you should put just as much energy into getting impressive photos for your online listing.

Getting good photos is just a part of the sale equation. For more home selling tips, attend one of our home selling seminars in or around San Diego, California. Contact Hervieux Real Estate to learn more about these free workshops and how they can help you sell for $30,000 to $60,000 more!