The Biggest Things That Impact Your Home Resale Value in San Diego, CA

If you want to have the highest possible home resale value in San Diego, CA, check these areas.

Obviously, you want to sell your home for as much money as possible. Nobody wants to hand over their keys feeling like they left money on the table – but how do you maximize your home resale value in San Diego, CA? While it may feel like some of these things are out of your control, we’ve got tips for how to optimize these resale value factors.

  • Location, location, location. You can’t just pick up your home and move it, but you might not be as stuck with your home location as you thought. Sure, you can’t change the neighborhood, but you can tip off buyers about what’s nearby. Know a great restaurant down the street? Found a beautiful walk from your neighborhood? Know of a great view nearby? Tell your buyer about any local perks, and help them see your location in the best possible light.
  • Size. Again, you’re probably not going to blow out a wall or add an extra story right before you sell. You can still help your home feel bigger, though. Try to keep your décor light and minimal, and arrange your furniture to maximize the space in each room.
  • Age. Generally, people are willing to pay more for newer homes. That doesn’t mean your older one has to drop its price, though! The reason people pay more is because newer homes are believed to require less upkeep. If you can show your older house in fabulous condition with all maintenance up-to-date, you can woo buyers.

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